Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Friends

She was there the day Addie was born, holding my mother's hand.  When her little lady was born I was seven months pregnant and 500 miles away.  She was my maid of honor; Addie calls her Aunt Chris; and she and Andy share a deep love of dive bars and gin and tonics.
Back in our Chicago days we drank martinis, laughed until we cried, shared a brain and inhaled feta spinach omelets at the corner diner.  Now we're moms - our babies were born two months a part.  We rely on phone calls and texts to stay in touch. 

This weekend she and her fabulous husband headed north to Cincinnati  to take in some time at Spa Neyer - eating pepperoni and cheese, getting manicured and pedicured, sitting and laughing and watching UNC bring home a win.  And our little ladies checked each out.  Harper thought Addie was the bee's knees, gazing at her whenever she was near.  Addie thought Harper was so cute and Brenna and Harper started a beautiful friendship.
Christie and I talked Mom - diaper rashes, sleeping schedules, exersaucers and play mats.  We commiserated over lack of sleep, compared blood shot eyes and laughed about "making an effort".  We drank wine and giggled and gossiped and compared war  parenting stories. 
Most importantly, we realized that 500 miles doesn't really mean anything when it comes to a friendship.

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