Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Months

Okay - so you turned three months two weeks ago - I remembered to at least snap a few pictures of you.
I cannot believe that you are a quarter of a year old, time seems to be whizzing by.  All of a sudden you are no longer a blobby little infant.  You are really embracing your babyhood and showing us quite a personality.

I refer to you as our serious child.  You seem to be soaking up everything around you and filing it away in your brain.  We often see you with a furrowed brow, as if you are trying to solve a calculus problem.  You do have a silly side, though, and it shines through.  You love to have your tongue sticking out and you tell us tons of stories with your chirps and squeals.  Just last week you let a little giggle escape - it was a beautiful sound.  We have discovered that you have quite a temper and that when you are unhappy you are sure to tell everyone about it.  Loudly.  You often continue to complain about what miffed you even after you start eating or a pacifier is in your mouth - when you do that we can't help but laugh.

You are slowly getting on some kind of schedule - you tend to take a nice long nap in the mornings and a shorter, but still good, nap in the late afternoon.  The rest of our waking hours are peppered by cat naps.  We finally transitioned you into your crib while Gramma was here last month.  It has been going well overall, but you seem to wake up a bit more consistently around the four a.m. hour.
Your favorite people to be around are Mom, Dad and Addie, but your are slowly warming up to others, particularly if they know the magical way to hold you with your legs all scrunched up.  When you hear Addie's or Dad's voice you search the room for them and you eyes light up when you find them.  You find your hands fascinating.  You love to clasp them together, ball them into fists and shove them as far as you can into your mouth.  You've been spending more time on your play mat, but you still hate tummy time.  The bouncy chair continues to be one of your favorite places to hang out and now you reach for and bat at the toys hanging on it.  Your favorites seem to be red monkey and buzzy bee.

The doctor is not super thrilled with your weight gain and now has you supplementing two four ounce bottles a day.  Luckily you still nurse like a champ even with the bottles being around more.  I think you are just taking after my side of the family making you a bit of a peanut at 10 lbs 12 oz.  Our doctor is also concerned that your little head is slightly cockeyed and diagnosed you with torticollis.  We stretch your neck several times a day and next week you start receiving physical therapy.  You don't like our stretches but we can already see improvement.

It's been a wonderful three months and I think we are starting to get into a good groove - now we just need to convince you sleep a little longer at night.

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