Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A bit belated

Thank you for always saying yes to last minute emergency baby sitting, and over night baby sitting, and babysitting for nights out on the town.

Thank you for always being willing to go out to dinner and, more often than not, for picking up the tab.

Thank you for having extra chairs, tables, serving platters, tin foil, saran wrap, Kohls coupons and tools.

Thank you for the recipes to beer cheese, jalapeno dip, hanky panks and tortilla rolls.

Thank you for sharing my love of ice cream, strawberry sour cream cake and white wine spritzers.

Thank you for raising a wonderful, thoughtful, kind, hard working, funny son (actually you probably raised two of those, but I am most thankful for your first born one).

Thank you spoiling my daughters with your attention and your love (and some pretty great toys and cute outfits).

Thanks for always treating me as one of your own daughters with your support, advice, and friendship.

And, thanks, for forgiving me (us) when I (we) remembered your birthday...two days late.  Happy birthday, Patty.