Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Backlogged - Food!

When we went in for Brenna's four month check up we were told we could start her on solid foods.  We hemmed and hawed and waited...and then the kitchen remodel began and the idea of more things to wash was a tad overwhelming.  So the baby didn't get solid food.

Then the guilt took over - she's so small; she needs more to eat; we're depriving her.  So May hit and we decided to go over to Grandma Patty's (she has a functional dishwasher and sink after all) and give rice cereal a whirl.  It seemed like a wild success so we continued to give her some each day.
 And then the cereal really kicked in...and blocked my poor baby up.  Switching to barley didn't work.  Karo syrup didn't work.  A trip to the doctor moderately worked and two ounces of pear juice completely worked. 
By the time we got to the beach Brenna was slowly figuring out the magic of solid food and fresh South Carolina peaches made learning to eat that much easier.  Now she's a champ.  I can say with confidence that she loves pears and peaches, likes sweet potatoes and prunes, is a bit a wary of peas and is not a fan of bananas.
And while she is finally grasping how to shove food into her tiny body I am reminded of what a lesson in patience feeding a six month old is.  I had forgotten that every other spoonful ends up on bibs, hands, noses or in ears.  I had forgotten what it felt like to have a prune laced raspberry blown in my face and the lovely aroma of a pea scented burp.  Solid foods change everything - from the amount of laundry that needs to be done to the variety of diapers that are changed.  For now Brenna is noshing on the lovely varieties of fruits and vegetables that Gerber supplies, but once our kitchen is back to being functional (three more LONG days) the food processor will be broken in with papaya, mango, green beans, spinach, apples, avocados and so much more.  It may bother me a bit, the canned stuff doesn't seem to phase our gourmand at all.
**Ignore that offensive bib, this kiddo is NOT a future gator!


Mich said...

Future Gator! You could only be so lucky.....

TKW said...

She likes prunes? Both my girls spit that stuff right back in my face! Lucky girl!

Sue said...

Darling photos. Oh those EYES!