Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

It has been so long since I have sat down to be thankful ~ so on this hot, humid, incredibly sunny Thursday I am thankful for:

Deciding to join the YMCA for the summer.  I have yet to take advantage of the work out facilities, but the heat of this week has inspired some trips to the pool for cooling off.  It is not as crowded as I had feared it would be, Addie's buddy from school is sometimes there providing her with a playmate, and it turns out that Brenna is a very happy little water baby. Yes, they have matching suits - little girls are so darn fun!
For running water, installed counters and organized cabinets.   Our kitchen is ninety percent of the way done and it feels so good to have a functional space back.  The living and dining rooms are no longer piled high with tools, screws and drawers.  The office is almost emptied out of extraneous kitchen supplies and life is feeling a bit more normal.  We now just have to power through, finishing  the trim and the butcher block counter and picking out a backsplash and new lighting.  The broad strokes are now done, the details are still lingering.

A weekend spent with our very dear friends.  We did a lot of sitting and eating, talking and laughing.  Somehow I took practically no pictures of the first annual "Croquet and Rose" weekend - hopefully Keelin will share her pictures once her week of crazy slows down.  Although this one picture does make my heart smile.   Being together reminded me how lucky I am to have such enduring friendships. 
Roberto and sweet McKenna
One good day with my daughters.  I have found that I am becoming that overwhelmed, harried mother that I always pitied.  I am short on patience, easy to anger and a little less than serene these days.  After a little introspection I realized that I had to find a better way to respond, particularly to Addie.  Raising my voice just wasn't working - it was making me feel like a monster and making her act out even more.  Yesterday I decided to attempt a "yell free" day - and it was a great day.  I am thankful that I was able to see what wasn't working and try something new.  Now I just hope I can maintain this new attitude.

A napping six month old - er, practically seven month old.  Much like her father, Brenna needs her rest, and her pesky teeth seem to be getting in the way of good naps.  I have figured out that she need to go down for a nap, awake, almost exactly two hours after getting up in the morning.  It limits our mobility in the mornings, but it makes for a much more enjoyable day.  Yesterday, after her nap, we headed to the pool for a little over two hours - quickly after we got out of the water, she was snoozing again.
The end of tee ball season.  Not that we didn't love it - we did.  But it is getting Hades hot here in Cincinnati and my little princess doesn't like to be sweaty.  Addie was the only girl on her team and lived the phrase "ladies first".   I am thankful that Andy helped coach, giving he and Addie a little time together each week, and I am thrilled that at her last at bat Addie knocked that ball all the way to second base.  Addie learned and almost lived the phrase "There's no crying in baseball".  At last week's game she got hit in the face with a ball and sobbed to her father "I got hit with a ball and I almost died", proving that you can be a drama mama and a ball player.  It was a great season - the team came together and really learned some ball skills, but I am thankful to have my Friday nights back.
Addie & the boys of Martin's Barber Shop
Hitting it to second

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I am going to try the no yelling for a day.