Saturday, June 23, 2012

Seven Months

Well look at you, you stinker, you're seven months old!  In the past month you have done so much!  You now embrace solid foods, even if your pesky tongue sometimes gets in your way.  You love pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  Greens beans and peas aren't your favorites, but fresh peaches still reign supreme.  You slam down between seven and eight ounces at each bottle, and on occasion you give a half hearted attempt at holding it yourself, but mostly you let Mom and Dad do all the work.  When eating you are not the daintiest of darlings - milk dribbles all over and food gets smeared across those impressive cheeks of yours.  The mess doesn't seem to bother you much, but it does add to our endless laundry piles.

This past month found you on your first plane ride - you and Mom headed to New York City for a quick trip and to meet the Johnson contingent of your family.  Just like our trip to South Carolina, you were an outstanding traveler and even got compliments from our aisle mates on the airplane.  Mommy owes you a huge thank you for that!  You marveled at the sparkling NYC skyline, giggled with your family and were are real jet setter.
You spend a lot of time on your belly, trying to get your knees under you.  You aren't in any way crawling - but you do inch worm a bit.  You mostly get around by rolling and now you are an accomplished sitter.  You enjoy the view from sitting and grab at anything in reach.  You love playing in your exersaucer and with your big wooden busy center.  Occasionally you still topple over backward or to your side, but it doesn't bother you any.  We also joined the pool this month, and you are happy as a clam while floating in water, and trust me, you can rock a pair of sunglasses.
You've been making more and more noises and "words".  We hear a lot, a real lot, of Dadadadada - but once in a while you throw in something that sounds a bit like Mom (or so I am convinced).  You still sleep like a champ - in fact last night you went to bed at 8:30 and woke up this morning at 8:45 - THANK YOU!  You are curious as can be - investigating every sound, wanting to touch and taste everything you see.  Lately you enjoy grabbing necklaces, earrings and fistfuls of hair, especially mine or Addie's.  In the mornings before Addie or Dad wake up, you and I lay on the floor and play, at least until the cat shows up and then I no longer exist.  Mich has let you pull her fur, tug her tail and squish her ears without complaint.  She loves her girls, I guess.
No teeth have shown up yet, but they sure are giving you a run for your money - you are a bit fussy about those teeth, but you still smile 99 percent of the time. As much as you still love your feet, you equally love blowing endless raspberries All.Day.Long.   

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Sue said...

Oh my gosh she is so frickin cute.