Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

On this Thursday I am thankful for:

The sound of rumbling thunder through our morning.  It has been hot and humid and the lawn is fried - a good deluge of rain is more than welcome around these parts.
Making decisions - we have been working on our kitchen since April, although admittedly we haven't done a thing to it since early July.  This week we plowed ahead picking out a backsplash, paint colors and lighting.  I am ready for this project to be done.
A few stolen hours with my Flaherty family.  We headed up to Columbus for a family reunion Friday night and got to see a bunch of people who make us laugh, well worth the road trip.  I also got to take the girls and their cousin Jackson to the Columbus Zoo for an adventure, it was hot and exhausting, but fun.
Addie & Jackson with Big Hank

Getting to hold a sweet new baby boy - our friends welcomed their baby boy, Greyson Edward, to the world while we were in North Carolina.  I've now gotten to snuggle with his tiny little self twice.
 Knowing that next Thursday morning I will be waking up at Gramma's house - enjoying the last day of my 34th year surrounded by three of my favorite ladies; Mom, Addie and Brenna. 
Being a home.  It feels like my family has been living out of suitcase for well over a month and it feels good to be home, unpacked and settled for a few least until I pack up our suitcases for the next trip.
The Olympics.  I love watching the Olympics and it turns out so does Addie.  She is in gymnastics camp and is completely enthralled with the gymnasts; particularly the vault and bars.  She'll watch anything that's on though and asked Andy if they could "cuddle and watch the Lipsticks".  Olympics, Lipsticks, it's all the same to a five year old.
Olympic hopefuls?

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Mich said...

Sam loves the Olympics too - she says, "Can we watch America?"