Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eight Months

We are quickly inching toward your nine month birthday, so perhaps I should do a quick recap of your eighth month with us.

Baby B., you turned eight months old at the beach, surrounded by friends.  You celebrated with a cold and an intense desire to crawl.   You eventually shook your cold, but you still have not started crawling. As I write this, you are rocking back and forth on your knees trying desperately to get to the block that I may have purposefully put out of your reach.
You are still the smiliest baby in the world.  Now your smile is that much more adorable, because your two bottom teeth have popped up and make your smile ridiculously goofy and sweet all at the same time.  If you are crying there is always a good reason - and it truly doesn't happen often. You are a fabulous napper and sleeper.  Usually just over two hours after waking up you let us know that you are ready to sleep again by rubbing your eyes and tugging on your ear.  Even though we often try to rock you and read you stories, you have no interest in such actions and prefer to be put in your crib with your blanket and pacifier to snuggle yourself to sleep.
You have a real  interest in playing now and spend the mornings emptying out toy baskets.  You particularly like blocks, the animal train and your stacking bowls.    You don't suck on your feet as much as you once did, but, I swear, instead of "talking with your hands" you "talk with your feet".

We have no doubt that you are going to be a chatterbug - you are constantly playing with your voice, screeching, ooohing, aahing, blowing raspberries.  You babble with strings of das, aaas, bas, and the occasional ma.  You traveled to and from North Carolina like a champ and you now hold you bottle with out any help.  In fact, you get down right upset if we try to stop you from eating for a burp.  You are slowly getting better at eating real food.  You are always enthralled with what we are eating, but when it comes time for your food your aren't always so excited.  You may be rivaling your sister for title of world's pokiest eater.  You continue to love peaches, pears, apples, carrots and peas.  You have become a huge fan of mango and puffs, have a passing interest in watermelon and loathe banana.
By the time you turn nine months old we will have logged a trip to Pittsfield to visit Gramma Kathy and crew - meaning that you have traveled to Chicago, Indianapolis, New York City, Massachusetts, South Carolina and North Carolina.  You and your sister are quite the travelers!

You love talking to everyone you see, and you smile at the drop of a hat, making you much loved in grocery stores, Target and all family gatherings.  You are starting to really show an interest in animals.  You track the cat as she wanders through our house, want to touch the neighbor's dog and seem intrigued by animals at the zoo. 

You and that fabulous big sister of your truly brighten our already wonderful world.

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Mich said...

I just love her...and her sis!