Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 months and a baby

When I was in Massachusetts my best childhood friend accused my blog of now simply being a Brenna log and occasional list of things to be thankful for; she's not far off.  That being said, I remembered to put the ten month old sticker on Miss B this weekend.
Yes, ten months old!  Incredible.
You continue to crawl all over the place and it is finally time to install some safety gates.  You are such a busy, busy little lady and, as much as you love crawling, the real new interest is pulling up and trying to cruise.  My god, you never stop and I am a tad tired to say the least.   Absolutely nothing is safe from your slobbering jaws - pennies, paper, shoes, bits of this and that, zippers, hair, toys, anything that belongs to Addie.  You are definitely a wonderful lesson in keeping the house much, much cleaner.
Sweet Brenna, you continue to be quite a peanut - weighing in at 16 pounds 8.5 ounces, or the sixth percentile.  The doctor is satisfied that you are now gaining weight, albeit slowly.
You are truly are a ridiculously happy baby, smiling, laughing and chatting.  At long last we have figured out the secret to your happiness - cheese.  Proof positive that you are my daughter!  Your first choice is Land O'Lakes white American cheese, but you will eat shredded cheddar, New York sharp cheddar, and grilled cheese.  Also,when presented with lunch meat it is like feeding time at the zoo - you devour turkey and ham like you've never seen food.  Speaking of the zoo, trying to change your diaper is like wrestling an alligator in a death roll.  Somehow we have not gotten poop and pee all over, but I figure it is just a matter of time.

The most special thing about your ten month birthday?  Your baby cousin arrived.  The handsome and perfect Cameron Joseph joined our family - aren't we so blessed?

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