Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We decided to enroll Addie in swim lessons again this fall.  Over the summer we found that she was becoming quite the adventurous lady in the water. 
When we went to the pool she would challenge herself to dive to the bottom and touch the floor.  She would play with her dive sticks, tossing them further and further away from the pool's edge.  By summer's end she was swimming underwater several yards at a time. 
Similarly, while we were at the ocean she was more fearless than ever.  She played daily in breaking waves, begged her Dad to go out deeper with her, and jumped happily on a boogie board.

I am not a swimmer.  I can swim, I am just no good at swimming.  It is no secret that I rarely go out in the ocean past my knees, let alone my waist.  I prefer pools, where I can see the bottom, but don't expect me to swim a lap, let alone a lap with any form or finesse.  My mother used to laugh at me because in high school I joined the dive team (not that I was a very good diver either) which she found ironic since I didn't enjoy swimming at all.  In fact, I had to participate in the diver's relay at several of meets - each time I was sure someone was going to have to fish my limp body out of the pool. 

This session of swim lessons has been wonderful for Miss Addison.  She takes lessons once a week with Rylan - they encourage each other and compete with each other and have made great progress in the pool.  Addie knows that Tuesday is swim day - she gladly gets her homework done, eats her dinner and dons her suit for class.  She listens so intently to the teacher and wants badly to do exactly what is being taught.  She loves using kick boards, floating on her back, gliding under water and is finally starting to coordinate those long limbs of hers.  She is working so hard at learning and is so excited when she figures something new out in the pool - with any luck she won't take after me at all when it come to water!


Mich said...

Tuesday is Sam's swim class night too!

Kate C. said...

I see Saturdays of swim meets in your future :-) Good for Addie!