Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little more than 9 months

Hey Brenna!
You turned 9 months old a few weeks back...and I did nothing about it.  Okay, to be fair I did take you to the doctor for your check up and gifted you two pretty painful shots, although your shots weren't half as bad as Addie's.
I never got around to slapping that 9 month old sticker on you, which I am sure your Gramma Kathy is not happy about.  Oh well...with or without the sticker you are still pretty darn cute. 
You chatter all day long and definitely know what you want.  As your Dad said earlier this week you've got opinions and ideas.  We hear a lot of Mamamas, Dadadas, Ahhdis, and Kit.  On occasion you still growl and grunt and chirp.  You have firmly mastered holding your own bottle and usually prefer not to be held while eating.  You continue to be a picky eater, but you have finally mastered your pinchers and love snacking on cheese, Puffs and saltines.  You still hate bananas and refuse to eat anything associated with them, sweet potatoes are also on your yuck list.  In the past month you have been become much more snuggly, occasionally resting your head on my shoulder when you're tired or sitting for a book while we rock.  Mostly, though, you just prefer to be put in your crib and left to do your own thing.
We traveled to Massachusetts last month so that you could meet some very important people.  You started getting sick the day we left and stayed sick the entire we were at Gramma's.  Lucky me, you even managed to vomit on me before we took off from Cincinnati.  We had a great trip seeing Gramma and you loved seeing all your other fans:  Jay and Sara, Aunt Barb and Uncle Phil, Tracy, FairyGodMother Kate and her crew.  You really didn't feel great, but you still were quite the charmer.

You have become a full blown crawler. You are a girl on the move. While it is thrilling that you are moving and exploring, it is also endlessly exhausting. Your sister has learned to not leave anything where you can reach and I have learned that I must vacuum and sweep every.single.day. You find the most minuscule pieces of anything and you have the endless urge to taste them. For fear of being judged I won't attempt to list the things I have fished out of your mouth.
You are most inspired to move by anything technology based - the iPad, iPhone, remotes, electrical cords. You also think the hearth is the super best place to play and that shoes are so tasty. I am pretty sure that you reaching this milestone has aged me a solid year.

Your nine month old check up confirmed what we already knew - you are a munchkin.  Your head is 18 inches around, putting it in the 90th percentile (big ole Johnson head, kiddo).  You are rather average in height, measuring 27 inches or the 31st percentile.  Your weight, as always, has the doctor concerned.  You weigh in at 15.7 pounds, or the fourth percentile.  To be fair the entire week leading up to your appointment you spent throwing up everything you ate.  We head back for a weight check in a little over a week and hopefully you'll be back on the right track.
I can't believe that nine months have already flown by...in no time at all you will a whole year old!

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Kate C. said...

She is so big! Well small, but big :-)