Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

On this Thursday I am thankful for:

Surviving that first hellacious week of Kindergarten and enjoying the second week much, much more.

Strong arms and a soft lap - without them I would not be able to rock my sick baby until she fitfully falls asleep, as I had to do for over an hour last night.  Without them I would be unable to steal cuddles first thing in the morning from my kindergartner.

Having freshly painted walls and new kitchen lights - we are 98 percent done with our kitchen redo.  It has been a long, educational five months of remodeling, but the end results are so wonderful that the bother has been absolutely worth it.

The promise of fall like weather for the weekend - I am ready for jeans and hoodies and my beloved clogs.  I am also ready to putter in the yard - planting and pruning and getting ready for the Spring.

Having my nephew over yesterday and not having to mediate even one fight between him and Addie.  The two of them adore each other, but bicker like siblings.  Yesterday was bicker-free and full of fun playing - bliss.

The sound of Brenna's laughter - it is contagious when it gets going.  She is not as generous with her giggles as Addie was, but when she's in the throws of laughter you cannot help but join her.  Of course, 97 percent of the time she is laughing at her big sister's antics.

Setting a goal and working toward it.  Brenna will be a year old in a little over two months - and I can no longer claim to be battling baby weight.  Lazy weight, yes; Baby weight, no.  I have set a  goal for my health - Andy is on board and I think I can do it.  In the past I had an awesome group of ladies to workout with - now I am on my own, as Brenna naps during our meet up time.  With any luck when I finally rejoin them I will have done enough work to be able to keep up.


Mich said...

Glad this week of kindergarten treated you better!

Jayme and Cory said...

Aw, I love this. I love your honesty! I can kinda relate, we've had a rough go of getting back into the groove of preschool. I lost my marbles pretty bad last night and her punishment was to sit in her room, have dinner in her room, and only to get out for bathtime. She spent over an hour in there without even asking to come out. I guess she needed the downtime just as much as I did.