Wednesday, October 24, 2012


One more month kiddo and you are a one year old.  A one year old!!  How unbelievable. 
You are still absolutely a munchkin, I'd call you a peanut but I was firmly informed by your sister that nickname was already spoken for.
You are standing briefly on you your own and continue to cruise on furniture, but you have minimal interest in walking.  You crawl faster than a Tasmanian devil and have figured out that you can carry toys in your mouth like a puppy while on the move.

You still eat like a little bird,  although yesterday you feasted on turkey and fresh shredded spinach at dinner time.  You officially have three teeth that have poked through, and a fourth is viciously trying to join the party. 

It's hard to snap a picture of you these days because you are constantly on the go - a sheer blur of motion.

You definitely have a lot to say, all day long.  While usually you are full of smiles and laughter, there are times when you need to get your point across, and you do so with a little bit of attitude - loudly.

You've recently discovered straws and think they are so cool.  You won't drink from a straw cup, but you think it is so fabulous when Dad gives you water through a straw while we're out to eat.  Speaking of going out to eat, you definitely have become more of a handful when it comes to restaurants - you are busy and you are loud!
Only recently have we seen your shy side - you don't have stranger danger per se, but you do tend to nuzzle into us when there are groups of people around and you are starting to know when Mom and Dad aren't around.

Your brown eyes melt my heart and your sunny personality make me oh so thankful for you...


Sue said...

Thanks for a new post, just in time for my lunchtime reading! :)
Yesterday out of the blue, E said, "Baby Brenna Bear!" in the same singsong as her AndyNeyer refrain. Then she started making little noises like B was making on the way to the market Saturday. Awesome.

Keelin said...

Happy 11 months Baby the hair bow!