Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There are moments, brief moments, where my heart swells with so much love and so much pride that I am completely overwhelmed, speechless, teary eyed.  The day you started walking; watching you wave to the hospital staff from your princess wagon; seeing you pirouette across the stage; waving to you each day as the bus pulls away.  These moments happen and blindside and remind that you are my Achilles heel - well, you and that sweet little sister of yours.  You have become such little person and your tenacity and braveness are amazing.

Last month we traveled to Navy Pier.  We played with the remote control boats, we walked from one end of the pier to the other, we ooohed and ahhhed at the skyline.  We rode the Ferris Wheel.  Your father and sister were a bit apprehensive - you had your face pressed to the window, asking questions.  You saw buildings and boats and cars.  You asked question after question and you smiled, reveling in the sights.  And as we floated back down toward the pier you spied the Old Fashioned Wave Swinger ride.  That, you said, that is what I want to do next

And you meant it.  You meant it when we watched how high and how fast it went.  You meant it when we waited in line.  You meant it when you proudly got measured to climb aboard, and you meant it when you were told that you were just a fraction too short to ride.  You held it together while we walked away, but you were crestfallen, heartbroken, horrifically disappointed.

Luckily the ride operator had a change of heart and let you on. 

You beamed.  And then the ride started and we soared and swung and spun - you shrieked and plastered yourself to my side, choked by tears.  I promised you you were okay and made you take a deep breath - the next thing I knew you had your hands in the air and were whooping with laughter.

I always knew that you were full of spunk, but I was so proud, so totally overwhelmed, with your determination, your heart, your five year old gutsiness.  You were scared, startled, unsure,  but you dug deep and you took a breath and you once again reminded me of how truly amazing you are.

Brave.  Determined.  Tenacious. Daring.  Amazing.  Addie.


Sue said...

Oh my, now I am misty at my desk. Deep breath for me too.
Thanks for posting. Although I was lucky enough to see you in person recently, not all of your blog readers are, and I know they've missed you.
Kathy: I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to guest-blog for you!

Kathy said...

You forgot awesome, angelic AND attitude!!!
Sue: thanks for using the cattle prod to get her moving!

TKW said...

Atta girl. Well done!