Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not to be completely outdone by Miss Meredith Brenna wanted to prove that she, too, can walk -she just rarely chooses to.
And while I am here:
I am very thankful this Thursday for:
A Skype account that connects me to Hong Kong.  I spent last night sipping a decafe coffee and chatting with my two favorite Brooks girls.
Kind doctors who believe in mothers intuition.  Brenna ended up in Urgent Care on Saturday with a yucky case of croup - the steroid they gave her helped her (and me) breathe a bit easier.  We followed up on Tuesday at our doctor, the croup evolved into bronchiolitis and an ear infection.  Two days later on meds my little lady is feeling much better.
A few really wonderful days with Addie.  Her addietude has been under better control lately and she's truly been a joy to be around.
Making it to day 22 of working out.  I took two days off since working out, but today started phase 3 of the 30 Day Shred.  It hurt. A lot.
Last holiday weekend.  Andy and I (well, Andy really) finished up the little things that had to happen in the kitchen; we got to go on a date with good beer; we got to plan out our next year of travel and home improvement; and most wonderfully, we got to spend some time chilling out as a family.
A husband who cooks, particularly when I am tired and grouchy, which is rather often.
Some fun plans made for March - a girls get away with my cousins to Pittsburgh.  Those three ladies make me laugh and I anticipate not only a fabulous new look, but aching cheek muscles.
The few minutes I got to myself today - Brenna is sleeping, the school bus isn't home yet and I am enjoying some blissful quiet.


Nikki said...

Finally!! Haha

Sue said...

HA! Awesome!

Keelin said...

GO Brenna! GO Brenna!

Mich said...

I love watching babies toddle around! Go brenna!