Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos on a Friday

I treated myself to a new SDHC memory card this week.  Turns out it can't make me take better pictures, but it does keep my camera from "freezing" as it has been for the last few months.  This week I have purposefully tried to use my Canon instead of my iPhone.  I played with my 50mm lens, with not so great results.  It turns out trying to capture Brenna doing anything is next to impossible, as she never stops moving and therefore the pictures I've snapped have more blur than focus.

Day 13:  Forgotten - A cat living with two little girls.  I occasionally feel bad for poor Michelob Rooster.  For many years she ruled the house but was quickly dethroned with the arrival of the little misses.  At the end of the day she often just wants to curl up on my lap and I often just want to be left alone.  Poor forgotten kitty.

Day 15:  Confusing - Addie was dancing.  I was taking pictures.  It was supposed to be dinner time.  I love Brenna's eyebrows, I think they are so expressive and adorable. 

Day 17:  This is so me - Manicured by a five year old.  Finger cut making dinner. Holding a slobbery hand. Earlier this week Brenna still refused to take a step unless holding on to steadying force.  Many days that force was my index finger.

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Kate C. said...

Great pictures! My photography class is this weekend and I go the newer fast card because that is what Amazon told me to do. Ha!

Thanks for being the inspiration for me taking a class