Friday, February 22, 2013

Photos on a Friday

365 days worth of photos may have been over committing myself just a bit.  I have slacked off, missing an whole week entirely!  I am just going to try to remember to grab a shot as often as a I can.  Somedays it may be of the given prompt, some days it may be what speaks to me, some days they may not be a picture at all...I can only do my best here, people.
 The prompt for this was "saved up".  I just started a mason jar the kitchen a few days earlier for coins.  I thought looking up through it was a fun way to play with light.
 Today's prompt was TGIF.  While I felt like having a beer by 1:30 (seriously it felt like it was 6 p.m.) I chose to have a hot tea and of course Brenna, as always, wanted to cheers me.
 We had a beautiful Monday here.  It was almost 60 and both Andy and Addie were off.  While we strolled around Newport on the Levee I grabbed this shot with my iPhone; the prompt was "shared space".
The prompt for this picture was "centered".  This a holiday decoration made out of strips of paper that Addie made with our friend Kate.  It hung on our kitchen window all holiday season and now adorns our backdoor because said it was too pretty to go in a box.

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Sue said...

Beautiful photos. :)