Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

On this Thursday I am thankful for:

  • The cat.  Yes, she is becoming an ornery old lady.  Yes, normally she drive me totally crazy.  Yes, typically when she wakes me up by scratching at my bedroom door at ungodly hours I am unamused.  But this morning her obnoxiousness was worth it - I got 40 minutes to myself with a cup of coffee.  I saw a bit of news.  I folded a load of laundry.  I was not asked any questions.  No one was tugging at my leg.  It was 40 minutes of complete alone was lovely.
  • Surviving the weekend with dear friends.  Play time with Henry.  Laughter.  Lots of laughter.
  • Servatii pretzel sticks.  Beer cheese.  Fritos Scoops.  Pizza.  Dark beers. Wine.  Carbs carbs carbs!  I enjoyed them all so very much last weekend, in excess, and now I must again bid them a fond farewell.
  • My brother.  I don't see him often enough but he always makes me laugh.  While at beerfest he texted me and asked me to run a Savage Race with him.  I swallowed my beer and laughed.  The Savage Run is out of the question, but a Warrior Dash?  Perhaps.
  • Fitness TV on demand - one more reason that I can't make excuses.  Dear lord, what if I become a healthy person?  Hmmmm - not likely.
  • Openfaced bacon, cheddar and egg sandwiches on sprouted bread.  Delish.
  • Uninterrupted phone dates.  They are rare, but wonderful.
  • Getting our new blinds hung downstairs and not having the entire debacle end in a divorce filing.  Translate:  I should not be in charge of measuring.
  • A family day on Monday in warm weather and sunshine.  Just a quick tease of Spring was in the air and it was wonderful.
  • The gentle shove from Michelle to remember to thankful today.


TKW said...

Can you make me that sandwich? Because it's snowing like mad over here and I cannot be bothered to go to the grocery store...

Mich said...

great list - and maybe it will even be enough to shame me into writing one