Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workout Wrap Up

Last month I shared my plan to combat my sloth-like tendencies.  I must say that putting it out there for all of you to know that I was challenging myself has been instrumental in getting off my now shrinking rear end.  I truly fear a few of you.
Since starting to exercise on the seventh of last month I have missed only six days of working out, which I believe keeps me on pace for my five day a week work out plan.  I am not quite brave enough to share with you numbers or inches (really you don't need to know how bad it had gotten, do you?), but I will say that this - in the past week I have worn two pairs of jeans and a pair of dress slacks that have not remotely fit around my thighs, hips or waist since the winter of 2010. 
I was feeling a little burnt out on exercising, not quitting, but feeling bored.  When I was able to comfortably wear those pants, however, it became game on!

I have shocked myself a bit with this totally uncharacteristic display of follow through.  Today was day 25 of The 30 Day Shred - five more days I am going to move on to another routine in the basement, I am not sure what yet, but it will most likely be a Jillian Michaels.  As incredibly annoying as I find her I seem to do oddly well with her!  I know myself well enough to know that if my workouts were anywhere near an hour long I would have quit by now - but these 25 minute ones I manage to schedule into life with very little disruption.  Today I went as far as adding a few lower body exercises onto the end of my work out - what??  I also am doing a 36 day workout challenge on Facebook that is being hosted by an old childhood friend.  A few of my high school friends are also doing it (a little middle aged motivation I guess) and I feel oddly accountable to the challenge.

I have determined that I workout best when Addie is at school and Brenna is napping - or early in the morning, which has only happened twice.  I really do love my bed. 
The few times when Brenna joined me for the workout I had to be careful of where I was jumping, squatting and extending my weights.   I also had to keep her out of the cat litter, off the stairs, and occupied with two dozen different toys. 
Addie has joined me more than a few times.  She'll do some jump roping, a few push ups and maybe a bit of shadow boxing.  One time she "worked out" with me in her heels and skirt.  More than once, mid-workout, she has gone upstairs to get us some snacks (water, grapes and carrots with ranch).  She is absolutely amazing at stretching - lots of loud counting to ten and grunting.  She also likes to comment on how I am looking:
     Mom.  Why are you sweating?  Those girls on the TV aren't sweating.
     Mom are you cold?  When you do that it looks like you're shivering.
     Mom why is your face so so so red?  Those girls don't have red faces

I notice my mood is less than stellar on the days that I don't get my workout in.  I also notice on the days that I don't feel like working out but do it anyway I am a significantly nicer person.  And really, bottom line - my jeans are fitting.  I am using the second hole on belt that I couldn't wear at Christmas.  If that's not worth it I don't know what is...and I still get to have my wine at night. 


Sue said...

Nice job, Jessica!!

TKW said...

Hi Sloth,

Meet your sister, the Mole. Alas, I'm still in my burrow, but good for you!

Colleen said...

you go girl!! Nothing like an old pair of jeans fitting. Nothing! Keep at it :)