Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top 13 things I learned at Cincy Beerfest 2013:
  1. Karen once stated in regards to me that I was a "b*tch before I was pregnant" and she may have been correct.  She, however, has continued to be a rock star.
  2. My love of stout is no fluke.  The favorites this year were SoutherTier Choklat, Green Flash Double Stout, Left Hand Coffee Stout, and Dark House Fore Smoked Stout.  So very tasty.  That being said I didn't at all enjoy Founders Imperial Stout.
  3. Stout is very sticky.  My second pour of the night overflowed all over my hands and phone - it was like being covered in Hershey syrup.
  4. Oversized Adirondack chairs are fun and slippery, but mostly fun.
  5. While I don't like hard ciders I do enjoy pear ciders - thank you for the opportunity to learn that lesson Ace Brewery and Crispin Cider (even if you did sell out to MillerCoors).
  6. This summer I discovered a deep affection for the summer shandy.  This weekend I discovered that a shandy of Blue Moon and Crispin is divine.
  7. It is imperative to have a pregnant friend available to designate drive to beer fest.  Who is up for next year?
  8. When beerfest is over there is no need for more drinks, especially shots - just ask all the husbands.  Similarly, just because you have an 8 ounce tasting glass doesn't mean you need to drink all 8 ounces of each beer you try.
  9. Hydration is key.  Last year I awoke with quite the headache.  This year my headache was nonexistent and my water/Gatorade intake was impressive. 
  10. Fitting 8 grown adults into a Dodge Journey is not an easy feat but it can be done.  Also when seven of those grown adults have been partaking in a fair amount of beer and fried foods that car ride can be a bit smelly.
  11. Don't wear clogs to beerfest.  Your friend will hip check you at the end of the night and you will lose your balance and you will fall, spill a beer all over yourself and twist your ankle.  Trust me.
  12. Strangers will share their pretzel necklaces with you if you ask nicely.
  13. The more the merrier.  While the festival itself was not as crowded as last year, our group doubled in size, bringing with it more laughter and shenanigans.  Who's in for 2014?


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RenataB said...

One word...jealous!