Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brenna - 15 Months

Oh, Miss Brenna, I have not forgotten about you. 
Really, I haven't.  How could anyone forget about you?  Your beautiful chocolate drop eyes, you ear piercing shriek.

Last month I took you in for your 15 month check up.  I think we can now say, with conviction, that you hate going to the doctor. 
I remember trying to take my dog to the vet when I was growing up.  She would be happy as a clam until we opened the car door in the vet's parking lot - then she would tuck her tail between her legs, whimper and do everything in her power to avoid going through the door the vet's office.  If you were a doggie, I think you would behave in a similar manner.
As soon as we get into the exam room you get antsy and anxious and grouchy.  You don't want to explore.  You don't want to sit on the examining table.  You sure as heck don't want anything to do with our wonderful pediatrician.  You cry at the sight of her stethoscope.  You whimper and wiggle when your ears are examined.  You hate the scale.  You hate being measured.  Having your temperature taken angers you.  You rightfully despise shots.  Our doctor has no idea how seriously sweet and silly you, as she  only gets to see you when you are in quite the kerfuffled state.

Our last check up reconfirmed everything we already knew - you are a peanut.  A munchkin.  A little midge of thing.  Your height this time around was in the 55th percentile at 32 inches tall.  Your head continues in the Johnson tradition of enormous, right around the 97th percentile.  And then there is your weight - or lack there of.  At over 15 months you weighed in at 18 lbs 13 oz, or the 6th percentile.  You older sister was four pounds heavier than you are now when she turned one.  You just such a midge of little lady.

You are trying to talk and tell us what you want but your words are not really in any language that we know, so ultimately you end up shrieking and grunting a lot.  You are excellent with your pointer finger.  You do say Ma and Da, your best and favorite word is Addie.  You say kit for cat, ch for cheers and uh for up.  You are trying to say down and please, but you don't quite have them.  Unlike Addie, you have started using signs to let us know what you want.  You can sign all done, please, thank you, more and milk.  You also wave goodbye when you are ready to leave the house or wherever we are or if you are ready to head to bed.  We are now working on learning the signs for help and hungry.

You love being able to walk and are trying to run, which is quite entertaining to watch.  After our trip to Chicago last weekend, you are now very interested in climbing.  Uh oh. 
You can tell us where your toes, nose and belly button are.  Occasionally you can show us your ears, eyes and head.  But let me be clear, you only do these tricks on your terms when you darn well feel like it.
You have a fair amount of teeth, including four molars and for the last few months you've been a drool factory.Up until a week ago you thought that all animals made a roaring, growly sound (birds, tigers, cats, dogs, fish, squirrels).  Now you have a different sound for cats and dogs and have shared that owls go whoooo.  I was super excited to hear your owl sound.

You adore following around your big sister, wearing hats indoors, chasing the cat and smiling.  Spring is trying to get here and I am ready to release you into the yard for running and fun.  I am sure there will be hours logged on  the swing and slide and have no doubt that you'll climb the playhouse ladder while I momentarily turn my back.

I tell you all the time that you are menace and you are.  I tell you all the time that you are aging me and you are.  I tell you all the time that I love you and I do, very, very much.


Kate C. said...

Her personality is big enough to make up for a little body! She is too cute with her love of donuts, cookies and all things Servati's.

Sue said...

Awww, sweet girl. LOVE that owl hat.