Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Our Wednesday night dance classes ended last month with the long awaited "big show".  Once again, Addie shined on stage - smiled from ear to ear and danced with pizazz.  The difference in her dancing from this year to last was incredible. 
Last year she often had to look to her teacher and classmates to know what to do next, this year her class mates were looking to her.  Her legs and arms seemed unbelievably long spotlit on stage, yet, somehow, she managed to move them with grace. 

Wednesday night dance class forged some good friendships not only for Addie but for me.  While the girls danced and giggles, the moms compared war stories, learned how to french braid, discussed kindergarten drama and giggled a little bit too.  More often than not we commented about the fact that anyone who volunteers to teach kindergartners to dance should get a free pass into heaven.
Addie's ballet routine was choreographed to Amy Winehouse's Our Day Will Come.  Honestly, it was a sweet routine, and Addie really nailed it, but all I could think about was my baby was dancing to Amy Winehouse.  Her tap number was to I Want to be a Rockette, which, as it turns out, is a horrendously catchy tune that that I find myself humming and singing even now a month later.  And by catchy I mean annoyingly awful.
Addie did get live out my (and Gramma Kathy's and Aunt Ruthie's) dream of being a Rockette on stage.  Without a doubt, out of the four of us she is the only one who has the legs for chorus line kick.  And for pure entertainment - try getting eight kindergartners together and have them coordinate a kick line - hil.ar.ious.
Almost as good as the Rockette kick, was when this little ladies shimmied off stage.  And when I say shimmied, I mean they shimmied. I am pretty sure I heard Andy inwardly groan as their dance number ended.
Then again, that groan could have been for the much anticipated Father Daughter Dance.  Yet again, Andy and Addie spent a half dozen Sundays rehearsing their routine and they nailed it this year.  Andy made sure that they were front and center and to say that my heart got a little gooey watching them would be a massive understatement.  There is nothing more endearing than a daddy and a daughter shaking it on stage.

They were front and center for their shared number, but interestingly enough when it was just the Dads on stage somehow Andy disappeared into the back of the stage, which is why don't have an awesome picture of his impressive one-handed side plank.
For now Addison's tap shoes and tutu are hung up and we're on to cleats and shin guards - of course instead of kicking the soccer ball down the field, she is often found pirouetting midfield.


Sue said...

Oh adorable. Would love some video of the daddy-daughter. ;) Thanks for posting, you're loyal readers have missed our lunch-hour entertainment.

TKW said...

She's the most adorable child! I had to laugh at Amy Winehouse--for the talent show, my 11 year old wanted to sing "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) by Abba. I was kinda horrified. "Ummm, isn't that a booty call song?"