Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Somehow, a little less than a week ago, kindergarten ended.  ENDED.  Kindergarten.  I swear she was just getting on the bus for the first time an hour ago.

Addie grew so much this school year, but it is hard to pinpoint all the changes.  She grew more confident, more self-assured.  She, amazingly, became even more inquisitive and imaginative.  Some days she was more sensitive.  She may have learned to talk back a bit, be a little sassy, show her bossy side too.  She learned how to navigate girl drama, which oddly occurred frequently on her school bus (what in the world is there to be dramatic about in kindergarten, you much).  She definitely picked up new phrases  and words and discovered music beyond what we spoon fed her (don't worry, she's not a Belieber).
Her teacher consistently told us what a wonderful part of the class Addie was and each time I worked in the classroom I witnessed what a diligent student she had become.  Addie counted all 22 of her classmates as a friend, even the ones that weren't always so nice.
There were mornings that were excruciatingly painful, often filled with frustration, as we tried to make it out to the bus on time being fed, clean and awake.  Still, most days we succeeded.
Addison still loves being fancy, and shows that a lot when she draws or colors.  She loves using all different colors and adds her own details to coloring pages.  If I saved every picture she drew or colored for us, I could wallpaper our entire house, twice.
Her math and reading skills are great.  She is a fabulous writer too, but tends to go a bit fast or tries to be to fancy, both of which result in sloppy. She is excited to practice all of them, even now during her summer break. 
I find her sitting with Brenna and reading her book after book; Brenna is a great listener.  She is constantly counting things and asks Andy and I to quiz her with math questions.  She loves to write - sentences, little stories, people's names and her favorite phrase I love you.  Her last writing assignment in her Kindergarten portfolio is about soccer and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

It's been less than a week of summer and already when we play school we play first if kindergarten is a distant memory.  I don't know if I am ready for my baby to be so big.


JayJohnson said...

Such a great post, Jess. I wish there was a "like" button for blogs!

Sue said...

Aww, love it.