Monday, June 3, 2013

18 Months

Dear lord, Brenna, you've already turned 18 months old.  You officially have been on the outside twice as long as you were on the inside. 
You have steadfastly hung on to your itty-bitty status, clinging to the bottom of the fifth percentile in both weight and height.  For those keeping tab, you are 20.2 pounds, 32 inches tall.  Your head is an impressive 19 inches in circumference, or the 90th percentile.
I can't help but to sing to you, on an almost daily basis in a country twang, Well it's alright to be a little bitty.  You tend to wiggle your little body along as I serenade you.  You get that good things come in small packages (at least that's what I was always told!).
In the last month or so you have been on the go go go.  You love to play on the driveway and in the yard.  You want to explore, but you like to be holding mom or dad or Addie's hand when you do.  You continue to love chattering, but you make a bit more sense these days.  You have Mama, Dada, Daddy, Addie, peas (please), up, hu hu (help), ball, down, out, go, buhbye, wawa (water) ninight, cheers, hi, and your favorite NO.
You adore the word no.  You like to say it over and over.  You like to shriek, say it with a giggle, whisper, whimper and cry it.  I am about at capacity for the word No.
I have heard you described as being all personality, which is true.  You fill up a room in the best kind of way.  You love making silly faces and blowing kisses.  You giggle with ease.
You continue to love animals, cats, dogs and birds being your most beloved.  Our trips to the zoo are starting to pay off and you love to roar like a lion and chatter like a monkey.
You are walking with a bit more confidence, though at times you are still a bit off balance.  You try running quite a lot, thus the constantly scraped knees.
You love everyone in your family, but you are far and away a Mama's girl - always wanting to be picked up and held, usually when I am fixing dinner.  Yesterday you were sick with a fever and you slept on my lap through out the afternoon.  You aren't usually much of a cuddler, so even though you were not feeling so hot, it was quite a treat for me to get snuggles.  You do give tons of kisses and the absolute best squeezey hugs, you just aren't a cuddler.
Your sister remains your idol, every passing dog is your friend, you love your Grandmas, our neighbors and smelling every flower we pass and you are just the sweetest little pea.


Sue said...

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head (Little Bitty). Sweet update, she looks like such a big girl!!

Christie said...

So sweet! I cannot wait to see the littlest ladies together at the beach!