Monday, June 24, 2013

It has been, in a word, INSANE around these parts.  Summer is in full swing and somehow we have not managed to slow down. 
Addie finished up kindergarten the week before Memorial Day and promptly started a camp marathon. For the first two weeks after school was out Addie attended two different Vacation Bible Schools.
I am sure plenty of you are scratching your heads and thinking Um, What?.  Yes, Vacation Bible School.  The first week was at a non-denominational Christian Church and the second week was at our Catholic parish.  Addie loved both "camps" but found ours to be a little less exciting.  Needless to say two weeks talking about Jesus, God and church raised quite a few question with our little inquisitive lady. She is now the very proud owner of her own bible and yesterday we attended Mass together as a family for the first time, well, ever.  I guess if we are going to be investing in parochial education we might as well start rediscovering the hibernating Catholics that dwell with in us.  I spent most of Mass in the cry room with Brenna, who was more interested in touching the heads of the people in the pew in front of us as opposed to quietly listening to the word of the Lord.  Addie enjoyed church except for all the "standing, kneeling, and sitting". 
Last week little Miss Holy participated in soccer camp through the local high school.  Camp was all week from 12-2 p.m.  I was a bit nervous about how Addie would do in a middle of the day, hot as hades, sport camp - but she hung in there.  Each day when I picked her up, her little cheeks were as red as can be and her hair was soaked with sweat.  The coaches at camp were high school girls - many of whom wore sports bras under their tee shirts that had the sides cut out.  Addie asked if she could cut the sides out of her soccer tee shirt and wear it like her coaches - um, no.  At the end of camp Addie informed me that she really had fun playing soccer, except for the running and sweating.

Brenna is chatting up a storm these days - making sense and speaking English about 40 percent of the time.  She continues to be an absolute menace in the best kind of way and is a very busy, busy body.

Two weeks ago today my mom took ownership of her new house in Cincinnati - in true Kathy fashion it already looks and feels like home.  Having her move here has been such a gift and is deserving of its own post, someday in my extra time. 
My few minutes of solitude have ended, as I hear Brenna calling my name over the monitor.  Hopefully someday soon I will spend a few more moments here - until then a few pictures from our Father's Day photo shoot ought to bring you a smile...
Happy first week of summer, friends!

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