Friday, February 21, 2014

Photos on a Friday

We are defrosting around these parts.  The grass is showing, the cul-de-sac was full of kids on bikes yesterday, Addie hasn't worn tights to school for the past two days.   But not so long ago we were cooped up, sipping hot chocolate, trying to survive yet another snow day.
I was pretty sure that the snow days this year were going to be my demise.  They were novel and fun at first, but by our last one I was convinced Andy was going to have to hospitalize me.  I was out of crafty ideas, we had seen too many movies, I couldn't play anymore dolls or supermarket or blocks.  I needed school back in session.  This week is Addie's first full 5 day week of school since Thanksgiving.  No joke, she has had either a holiday, snow day, or early dismissal every week since the last week of November
Oops, I'm wrong.  Addie only had a four day school week because of Presidents Day. 
Good darn thing, I like these little ladies.

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