Sunday, February 23, 2014


This time last week my house was overflowing with people.  We stacked, for at least one night, twelve adults and six kiddos, throughout the house.  It was nothing short of barely contained chaos.  There were bodies and shoes and toys and cocktails everywhere you looked.  Most importantly, though, there was laughter.  Lots of wonderful, loud, raucous laughter.
The adults decided to take on yet another Cincy Winter Beerfest and the kiddos played under the watchful eyes of my wonderful neighbors.  But beyond Beerfest, the weekend was an excuse to get some old friends, with busy schedules, together for a few hectic, wonderful moments. 
There is a mountain of towels and sheets hibernating on my basement floor, I am still trying to catch up on sleep, but it all was so very worth it.
There is a beautiful ease in being with old friends that warms my heart.  The ability to laugh about old embarrassments, to understand unspoken words, to just sit and be.  Be comfortable.  Be supported.  Be happy.  And in all of that there is the beauty of watching the next generation form their bonds, watching them laugh and be silly and remind us how fortunate we all are to have them and each other. 

And large pretzel necklaces.  Large pretzel necklaces are a true blessing when it comes to Beer Festivals.


Christie said...

Can't wait for next year!

Sue said...

Looks and sounds like a glorious time!

Mich said...

looks magical