Monday, March 17, 2014

Mother Nature continues to mess with our minds in southwest Ohio.  One day it feels like Spring has finally graced us with her presence and the next there is snow falling on the ground and winter jackets once again being put on.   Unfortunately, this St. Patrick's day is one of the latter.  It is gloomy and cheerless and currently only 25 degrees.
Luckily for a moment this weekend there was enough sunshine to feel like a gin and tonic was in order (that may have been overly wishful thinking), an impromptu game of soccer in the front yard and plenty of bubbles on the driveway, topped off with steak on the grill.  All those wonderful things almost made up for the fact that it seems that we are running headlong into the start of the terrible threes. 
 I would love to tell you more about the threes, the horrific, bossy, opinionated threes, but right this minute I am being screeched at for attention, to get dat, to come here, to do it all NOW MOMMY.   {sigh}.

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