Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let the goodbyes begin

The long parade of goodbyes have begun. So far Addison and I are holding up. After our date with Renee & Nick on Tuesday, we managed not to cry. Yesterday we took a walk through Lincoln Square, where we were kept sane during the warm months...we said goodbye to Enjoy, The Book Cellar, The Chopping Block, had one last super delish turkey foccacia at Costello's and took one last stroll around around the square.
Today Renata and Evan came over so the two pipsqueaks could have a final playdate...they squirmed and smiled and giggled and played on their mats. Over all it was a huge success. Renata and I tried to explain to them that they may not see each other until this summer. They didn't seem too bummed about fact they seemed quite enamored with each other!
Tonight I am going to say goodbye to El Tapitio's margaritas, or maybe their mojitos, or maybe both....either way it'll be sad.

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