Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today was a day.
Addison is still not going down for naps for me. Even tonight, at bedtime, she put up quite the fuss.
While I was sitting on my couch today fighting tears, after afternoon nap attempt number 3 failed, Kate suggested over IM that perhaps Addie holds a grudge like a cat does when it's owner leaves town. I guess I should be thankful that she hasn't peed on my bed. I am terrified of what revenge she'll exact after I return from South Haven on Sunday.

Tomorrow Andy has Bob's car to head to work. I am going to experiment and see if maybe having an uninterrupted morning helps set the tone for the day (as I typed this I remembered that we are out of coffee, and if I want the morning to stay uninterrupted I can't run out to Starbucks or UDF. Damn, damn, damn! That sets a pretty bad tone for me.).

I could use some good mommy, good nap, good baby vibes sent my way....Please.
Pretty, pretty, please.

As you can see I am totally not above groveling.

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