Friday, June 13, 2008

Addison has been a little snippy these last couple days. I think she is still recovering from our move, is cutting a couple new teeth and maybe is going through a growth spurt. Naps are no longer the garaunteed thing they once were nor is bed time.
Addie will now lay, sit or stand in her crib and complain quite relentlessly if she is not in the mood for sleep. That complaining ranges anywhere from moaning and babbling to shreiking and screaming. I also discovered yesterday that she is taking out her sleep frustrations on some of her best friends. I walked in her room to discover her finally sleep, but Baby Puppy, Bunny Foo Foo, pink Baby Doll and Giraffe had all been chucked out of the crib and were laying abandoned on her bedroom floor. Ouch.

She has also been a little picky about eating. In a way Andy and I find that to be a relief, as we were convinced we could put shards of glass and old batteries in her bowl and she'd chow down happily. Three times this week she has smacked the spoon (with a spoonful of food on it) out of my hand. She has refused to open her mouth or has shoved her fingers in it instead of her spoon. I don't know what is going on...perhaps she is just staring to form her own opinions.

I don't think I am prepared for her to have an opinion of her own.

And as always, when Addie is voicing her ideas and opinions Michelob feels the need to chime in. As much as she has always been my shadow, she now is becoming Addison's shadow. She often slinks out from under Addison's crib after nap time. She is usually laying in a sunbeam not far from where Addison plays. These days she joins us when it's lunch and dinner time, supervising quietly from the window sill.

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Sue said...

I am a complete sucker for photos of babies with animals. Love it!