Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Our weekend was busy, exhausting and fun. It began when Andy walked through the door Friday night with a case plus of wine from The Party Source, apparently his new favorite store. We knew it would be a weekend of wine, as Grandpa and Grandma Johnson drove down with Uncle Kevin for a visit. Unfortunately, Addison did not have the energy to wait up for them, but she did decide to get up extra early both mornings they were here (lucky me). Saturday we wandered down to Findlay Market to pick up some goods for dinner (mmmm, flank steak, Smitty potatoes and red wine mushrooms), but for some reason, none of us felt the need to go to the wine tasting. Maybe it was because we were up the night before until 2 a.m. and polished off almost 5 bottles of wine??

Needless to say we enjoyed quite a few bottles of wine and some wonderful grilling over the weekend. For Father's Day Addison got her Daddy a Webber Grill, grill cover, starter, BBQ set and a UNC steak brander. Very manly, daddy gifts.

For some super sad reason I don't have any shots of Addie and Andy together on Father's Day, but here's a quick peak at our weekend anyway:


Mich said... that a goat cheese and chive concoction that I see? tasty!

Sue said...

Funny, I was about to make the same comment as Michelle. Apparently we are all obsessed with goat cheese and chives!