Monday, June 16, 2008


Last week I mentioned that one of Addie's newest tricks is that when she is put down for a nap, and she doesn't think she needs a nap (which she always does) she chucks everything out of crib. After she's finally fallen asleep we'll peek in her room and all her stuffed animals are on the floor. That is, all stuffed animals except Mr. Sock Monkey. Andy and I decided that Mr. Sock Monkey must be too big for her to throw.
Today I put her down for her afternoon nap and I heard the eviction begin...Bunny Foo Foo hit the ground so hard I went upstairs to reassure myself that Addison had not gotten out of the crib. As I peeked into her room I found Mr. Sock Monkey being swung by his tail above her head like a set of numb chucks. She had the most excited look on her face and I think was genuinely heartbroken when I interrupted his exile from her crib.

Of course I laid her back down and she screamed and cried for about 3 minutes. When I checked on her a few minutes ago I found her laying on top of Mr. Sock Monkey with giraffe under one arm and Bunny Foo Foo in the other hand.

I guess all is forgiven.

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