Thursday, July 3, 2008

Manicures aren't relaxing

This morning Addison woke up in her usual fashion...smiling and giggling. Only instead of finding just her stuffed animals on her floor, she also found her mommy. I swear ever since having Addie my internal temperature has been majorly skewed. I tossed and turned for about two hours last night and then finally decided to go find a cooler place to sleep. Normally that means that I grab my pillow and a sheet from the linen closet and head to the couch. This time, however, I was completely distracted in my exhausted state and noticed the fan that we keep in Addie's doorway. She sleeps with her door open and a fan blowing AC from the hall because her room is usually a good 15 degrees warmer than the rest of the upstairs. So I see the fan, I stumble down to her room, point the fan directly at me and pass out in her doorway.
Shockingly it was a wonderful night of sleep.

So Addison woke up happy to see her mommy and our morning started off wonderfully...that is until I decided to cut her nails. When Addison was a baby cutting her nails was no problem. She didn't cry, she didn't squirm. She really didn't seem to mind at all.
Well, all of that has drastically changed. As soon as I attempt to trim her nails she FREAKS OUT. She wails, and cries, and squirms, and goes stiff, and hits, and shrieks. I think you get the point. She was so out of control this morning that I wouldn't surprised if my neighbors considered calling protective services, seriously, her decibel level was that impressive. I mean she FREAKED out...but, her nails are cut and she won't be able to scratch herself (like she often does) or me (like she often does) and she'll look pretty for her big Chicago weekend.
In the midst of her tantrum, she slammed her body backwards and arched herself across my lap, which gave me the perfect vantage point to she her latest addition : Tooth number five has arrived.


Karen said...

Clip them while she is sleeping!

Jessica said...

I've far it's been a no go.