Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Addison and I are back from our Girls Weekend in Chicago. I was pretty apprehensive about driving alone with her for 5+ hours, but I must say, it was a rousing success and Addie was a gold star passenger.
We got to play with Gram and Pawpaw and cousin Emmett. Addie also got to see her old friend Evan and her new friend Gerald. She had quite the social weekend.
The main purpose of our visit was to see Michelle pregnant and wish her luck in her final weeks of pregnancy, but we got the added bonus of seeing tons of Gram and Pawpaw and a bunch of our friends, thanks to Corey and Laura hosting a frufru Saturday*. Somehow I managed to get no pics of the pregnant ladies (Lauren is displaying quite the pregnant belly as well), but did capture the reunion of Addison with her summer love, Tool.

It was observed this weekend that Addie is quite partial to gentlemen. She liked seeing all the ladies, but it was her boys that truly thrilled her. Tool, Berto, Michael and Pawpaw were the big winners of Addie's attention throughout our visit.

Addison seems thrilled to be back in her own house with all her toys...I haven't had the heart to tell that she's spending all next weekend away at Grandma Patty's.

Here are a few shots of our weekend:

Wondering why Emmett is naked.........Playing wit Pawpaw and the Kitty

Rekindling summer love with Toolio................ Hanging with Gerald and Evan

Oh, and a quick update on lessons learned:
1) The portable DVD player is a divine intervention from God...as is The Lion King. 2) Thin Mints aren't the best treat to give a 19 month old...they just suck the chocolate off and hand you back a soggy cookie.
En route to Chicago on a Thin Mint high

*FruFru Saturday sure has evolved. This time it involved 4 kids under the age of two, the night was over by 12:30 a.m. and not one person vomitted....


Christie said...

No Golden Angel at 4am...so sad!

Mich said...

Thin Mints...yummmmmm