Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Add this to the word count

I thought, when I first heard her say this, I was just imagining it. Then when we went to Gramma's house, she said it again. But no, there was no way my kid was recognizing this person and saying his name. No way.

Then on Monday, before heading back down to Cinci, we went to breakfast at Tweet with Michael, Kah-ren, Jill and BK. Quick aside here, um, YUM! Super yummy and super cool little place that bends over backward to accommodate little diners, worth the effort to find parking on Sheridan Road.
High up on the wall at Tweet is a framed portrait, for sale by the artist, of The President of the United States. Addison was sitting at the table, facing the entry way, munching on bananas and coloring, when she suddenly looked up, pointed and said, clear as freaking day, "Baar-wock".

I thought my dining companions were going to fall off their chairs.

Girl genius? Of course.
The future of the DNC? Quite possible.

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