Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Museum of FUN

Not the best quality photo, but hysterical!
Addison is a bit impatient. Watch out Rylan!!
Turns out the Cincinnati Children's Museum ROCKS. Addison and I happily drove 20 minutes down I-75 Tuesday afternoon to play with Rylan, Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Dickie...It had been at least two weeks since the kiddos had played together, and SO much as changed. Our little buddy (Rylan, not Rick) is walking. Like a sailor hopped up on Scotch, but nonetheless he's walking.

Ry and Addie tore around the museum loving the toddler Room, the ball cage, the tree house, the super-duper water works and pretty much EVERYTHING else they saw. Ry got a little tired and headed home after two hours, Addie and I stuck around for almost another hour of pure fun.

We had a great time a few weeks back at the children's museum in Holyoke, and after seeing the pure joy experienced this week at our children's museum, I think I have found yet another fun-filled family membership. I am pretty sure this place will be a life saver in the bleak winter months and a godsend in the scorching summer months.
And really, what is more fun than a chlorinated river of water?

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Kate C. said...

Can I be part of your membership when I come to visit in Cinci? That looks like fun!