Monday, March 23, 2009

And down she goes

Last week I wrote about Addison's grace and coordination.
I failed to be completely honest and confess that the week before, while I was loading the car to head to Carolina, Addie took a header off the garage steps on to the cement. She was rewarded with a very impressive goose egg on her head. Other than her bruised bump, she seemed no worse for the wear.

Saturday she was standing on a kitchen chair playing with bubbles at the sink, while I unloaded the dishwasher (maybe not my best judgment) when she got a little over excited and toppled off. Again, she was fine, not even a bump. Actually she was more upset about her bubble play being interrupted and had very little patience for mommy's hugs and injury check.

Today was yet another display of brilliant parenting.

Addison faked a nap, we went shopping and then we played outside. Addison was playing with her chalk on the patio and I was sweeping the four gazillion red berries into our flower beds. In a matter of a nanosecond, Addie scrambled to the top of our two patio steps to talk to kitty through the door - and then she fell. Again.

And she smacked the exact same spot that was attacked by the garage...only this time she scraped it and it bruised, and it's red, and it's swollen, and it has little spots of blood.

But if you ask her where her boo boo is, she still pulls up her pant leg and points to her knee.


Kate C. said...

Well to be fair, when I asked her where her boo boo was she pointed to her leg, head and arm :-) She's a brave one and at least she is a girl with hair you can part in different ways to cover up.

Christie said...

She's got Andy's "television watching lean" in that last photo :)