Monday, March 16, 2009


Addison declared that yesterday was a nap-free day. That declaration resulted in her passing out in the car at 6:30 p.m., about 45 seconds after we started the long 1.4 mile drive home from Grandma's. Amazingly she remained asleep until 7:00 a.m.

And then, today she boldly declared it another nap-free day (granted she snored for 15 minutes in the car on our way home from class, but that really doesn't cut it as a nap). As a result of two nap free days I am ready to curl into a small ball, and pass out drooling on my new couch pillows.

(Oh la la, new couch pillows. Andy got two pub tables for the pool room and I got four new couch'd think that was a raw deal, but I am so happy to have pretty pillows once again. It has been said that I am a bit high maintenance, but seriously, what is high maintenance about four pillows bought on clearance? See, I am EASY to please.)

Anyway, I have noticed that when Addison decides to forgo naps or to have a crappy night of sleep, her coordination tends to go out the window. I guess it could be argued that she has the coordination and grace of her mother (if you have never seen me on a balance beam, it's pretty entertaining), but I am going to work under the premise that it's lack of sleep, not bad genes that is her enemy.

Today she fell off Grandma's couch and rocking chair. She tripped over her own feet and sprawled across the kitchen floor. She walked into the table's edge (actually, that is almost a daily occurrence). She flipped out of her chair, backwards and she almost fell head first into the tub while trying to test the water temperature. I tell you all of this to let you know that even though she was a bit of train wreck today, she was unscathed. No visible bumps or bruises, no cuts, scabs or hangnails.
Under the watchful eye of her mother, she was safe and sound.

Yesterday, however, was more tragic. At some point in the evening, under the watchful eye of a certain someone, she fell. It was tragic...her first skinned knee. She did a little fake crying, got kisses from me and Grandma, was given a band aid and was a-okay.

A-okay until her sleep deprived day today when she remembered that she had a red badge of courage. At which point she felt the need to remind me, and everyone else she came across, that she was damaged goods. She did so by pulling up the leg of her pants, pointing to her bitty, little, scabbed, scraped knee and saying, with just the right amount of cuteness and patheticness:

Boo boo. Owwwch. Boo boo.

Drama mama, I tell you.

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Kathy said...

One more time~~~the apple doesn't fall...