Monday, March 23, 2009

Not much

Addie and I had a lovely weekend of girl time...Miss Karen B. took a spur of the moment trip down to the 'Nati to enjoy our company and our sunshine. Her timing was perfect, being that Andy is not only immersed in March Madness, but also had to work from midnight Saturday until 9 a.m. Sunday.

Karen and I did some shopping, a lot of eating (mmmmm, fried pickles), a bit of wine drinking and a ton of laughing. Before she hit the road yesterday Karen honed her "little people" art skills with Addison, decorating the front of our house.
Visiting season has officially weekend we are going to see Haro, and, hopefully, Berto. Smitty, Pat and unnamed others are in town in April. My mom and aunt (hopefully) will be here the end of April and the Cubs extravaganza is in early June. I am thinking that as part of our landscaping I need to incorporate room for an "Vacancy" sign.
This week we have a beautiful forecast - 60s and 70s - which is WAY better than the weather here or here. I heart southern Ohio....

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