Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...Going to Carolina...

Ahhhh, to be home. I have been "on the road" for the past four weekends, and while I loved all of my trips, I am thrilled to be back on my own couch.

Andy, Brian and I headed off to Chapel Hill, N.C. this weekend to cheer the Tarheels on to victory over evil Duke Blue Devils. I was a little worried about leaving Addie for 3.5 days. She had been in her Mama-only phase and had a bit of a cold. Turns out Iworried needlessly. Her plethora of caretakers (Grandma, Aunt Nikki, Genna) all reported that she was good as gold. In fact, Nikki swears that within minutes of us dropping her off, we were all but forgotten.
Being in the Carolina sunshine with Christie Lee was just what the doctor ordered. The doctor did not, however, order the abuse that I inflicted on my liver on Saturday or the amount of fried food I shoved down my throat...but the laughter outweighed the damage.
Christie and I dropped the boys off at their place of worship on Sunday and we headed out for some shopping and girl time. We wisely chose to watch THE game from the best venue ever: a nail salon. The game was quite tight and nerve wrecking at times, but I managed to stay calm as my feet were being massaged and my nails polished. Chris and I headed back to Franklin Street, the scene of too many drinks from the night before, just in time to catch the last 15 minutes of game and be swept up in pure Tarheel Mania.
Andy and Brian were, of course, flying high and a little bit overwhelmed. I am pretty sure that Sunday was the second greatest day of Andy's life: Addie's birth eked out No. 1, and the game shoved our wedding to third.
Both boys had sore throats from cheering and Andy had a bruised finger from clapping so hard. The boys and Christie celebrated the big win, while I, in shocking role reverseal, played the responsible adult. Note to self: it's no fun being a responsible adult.
Our trip was wonderful and entertaining, the drive back was gassy (two hungover Neyer boys + one car = nasty) but relatively painless. And when we arrived home, Little Miss Thang was up waiting for us - even if it did take her a minute or two to remember who we were.

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Christie said...

Hairbow + shirt= priceless!! Miss you already!