Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Then and Now

Ahhh, back in the day.
Beer upon beer. Car bombs. Jameson shots. Green feather boas, fuzzy bunny ears, bowls of Fruit Loops. Renata in a laundry basket, games of beer pong, lounging in the March sun.

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago.

Ahhh, today.
Six-thirty wake up (no beer). Play date in the park, 1.5 mile walk (no car bombs). Yard work on the patio (no Jameson shots). Baby dolls and sidewalk chalk and fake petting zoos and bubbles.

St. Patrick's Day in Cincinnati.


1 comment:

Kate C. said...

I want a pair of those green leggings/socks/tights. How fun! Are you looking forward to St. Patrick's Day 2029 when Addison will be in Chicago drinking green beer and doing shots of Jameson?