Saturday, June 13, 2009


The humidity of summer is beginning to arrive in Cincinnati. This means several things:
  1. If there's any hope of me sleeping the ceiling fan must be on, even if the air conditioner is on.
  2. Grilling is the only viable option for cooking. a. The grill is outside and doesn't make the house even more uncomfortable. b. I don't grill, that's Andy's job.
  3. During our morning workouts I turn a lovely shade of magenta and my shirt gets bombarded with inappropriate sweat marks.
  4. Yard work is totally unappealing. Mowing, mulching, weed whacking, planting = ick.

  5. Having short hair makes the weather a bit more bearable.

But most importantly, the arrival of this humidity has introduced me to something wonderful: Addison's curls.

She has these whimsical little curls that make her devilish smile that much more adorable.

I never had those cute curls growing up, but I remember seeing pictures of my brother as a toddler with ringlets framing his face, looking like an angel. And I remember being jealous...not just of his toddler hair, but of any head of bouncy curls that crossed my path. I had several disastrous perms over the years in my quest for curls - it was not to be. Eventually I convinced myself that all the cowlicks on my head were curls. A bleak substitute for the real thing.

So, while the humidity is here, I am going to live vicariously through Addison's curls. And I'm not going to jealous of her.

Nope. Not jealous at all.

Okay, maybe a wee bit jealous.

Okay. Wicked jealous.


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I love the curls! My second daughter's hair is starting to curl the same way. I love what it does to her face. We cut my first daughter's hair when she turned 4. Not a lot, just the ends I never touched for all of those years. Her curls didn't come back this summer.