Sunday, July 12, 2009

Her Favoritest Word

It's not that I don't value her opinion.
I think she can have very good opinions.

I believe she was telling me the truth when she told me no to the two one-piece bathing suits I crammed myself into. I am sure she knew what she was saying when she said no to liking the nocturnal house at the zoo.

I completely get it, that sometimes she doesn't want her broccoli, asparagus or corn.

I have no problem understanding that sometimes she doesn't want to go to bed or take a nap or stop playing with bubbles.

I know that she has a propensity for purple and orange, and that she wants her clothes to include those colors, and that she doesn't always want to wear a dress. I appreciate her letting me know what she wants.

What I don't appreciate and can't stand, is being told no just because. Just because it's the first thing that pops in her head. Just because it is fun to say it over and over and over. Just because it makes a good song. Just because she knows it will get a frustrated reaction. I can't stand being told no before she ever even considers that maybe what she really means is YES.

And I worry that she may miss out on really great things if she doesn't say YES just once in awhile.


Kathy said...

hello! Can Gramma go to the beach with you?~~~~Nooooo, is not an acceptable answer! I feel your pain!

Michaela said...

The next worst word to "no" is "why." That has been the only word out of Connor's mouth for a week straight. It's exhausting.

ck said...

I'd take "no" over "naaaaaaaaaaaa-ooooooooooo" any day.