Wednesday, September 2, 2009

High-fiving Me

My new favorite fight to have?
That is the nap time fight.

I almost always win it, which usually is followed by me high-fiving myself with a triumphant dance. It's a shame that there is never anyone around to witness my victory dance, it is quite awesome. It involves a lot of shaking this and that and silently hooting and hollering.

Back to the issue at hand: The nap time fight normally occurs after the noon hour, in the car. Most of the time we are headed home from story time or an early lunch. Addison usually decides it is no longer my turn to listen to music, or talk on the phone, or breathe. She then determines that she would like not to go home and she would very much like not to go ni-night. She communicates her decisions to me in a high pitched, shrieking chorus of:

No home, Mama. Noooo hoooooome. Mommmmmmeeeee, No home.
No ni-night, Mom. Mama? Mama? Noooo ni-night. No nap, Mommy. Noooo hoooooome.

This chorus is repeated about six times. And the way I have learned to win? To answer her the first time. To hang up the phone and turn off the radio and try to be silent and still.

After awhile she puts her head back and gazes out the window. Then she holds her hands on her lap. Then her eyes slowly close and waaalaaa, I have WON.

Yes, home.

Yes, ni-night.

Yes, nap.


*Don't worry - I was at a red light. Really, I was.


Gibby said...

Yay for Mom!
Adorable pic, BTW...

ck said...

Wait, she sleeps in the car AND transfers into the house? Lady, you are so lucky. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Or maybe my kids are just broken...