Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This morning it was pitch dark out.
I was snuggled under the down comforter with my face buried in the pillows.
It was wonderfully quiet - no early morning bus backing up down the lane, no one in front of my house chattering and playing before school, no alarm clock beeping.

And then a warm, gentle pressure on my face. Cool hands on my cheeks and a tiny, cautious voice whispering "Toons, mommy? I Up. Toons, please. I love you."

So I threw back the covers, made room for a my pajama clad snugglebug and got a sweet morning kiss.

And I decided it was bound to be a good day.


It was cloudy, but we went to the zoo anyway. Just the two of us and her amoxicillin. The Bobcat was pacing, the Lynx were playing and the Snow Leopard was awake.
I let her run the show. We went in the Cat House, the Bug House, the Nocturnal House. We rode on the Merry Up Down - me on a panther, her on a zebra.
We went to see the Manatees, one of her favorites, but it turns out they were released in the wild. She was a tiny bit sad and kept saying "Where Manatee go Mama? Ocean?".
She told me, after we went searching, that the Orangutans were shy and hiding. She tried to wake the Black Bears up. She ran up the hill to the train - only to find out the train was out of service. She pouted for a minute and then said "Silly train broke!".
We said goodbye to the Gibbons, the peacocks and the Elephants.
In the parking lot I got a huge hug and kiss.
Before we hit the highway she was snoring in the back seat, her hand wrapped around her mini-pumpkin the zoo keepers were handing out.
She is asleep.
I am about to eat a delicious sandwich.
The kitchen and the living room aren't a mess.
So far, what a good day.


Rylan came over for a bit and they played. Together. Well and kindly. They chased and giggled and conspired.
I cleaned my room and put away laundry and spied on them.
Andy was home perfectly on time - met by a happy daughter and an unstressed wife.
I tried a new recipe from Cooking Light and didn't botch it. Amazing! Dinner was delicious and easy and healthy. Two very rare points for me.
Dinner was followed by shrieking giggles as they played and I happily tidied the kitchen.
I thought I had poo filled diaper to change, and it ended up being pee filled instead. No dirty diaper and a kiddo in pjs by 7 p.m.
Downstairs a fire was roaring in the fireplace.
I am contemplating a wine spritzer, because I'm fancy like that.
The house is put together. The little lady is in bed. Cupcakes are about to be made for 'school' tomorrow and Top Chef is on tonight.

A very good day indeed.


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TKW said...

I really, really, want your day...

Sue said...

Fabulous day, you were due for one of those. Wine spritzers for all!!