Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of the mouth of my Babe 2

This sickness, this hacking, snarfling, mucusy miserableness is finally leaving our lives. The pink eye is gone, as is having to put ointment in her eyes twice a day. The amoxicillin is still with us and the cough lingers a bit, but her energy is returning.

And trust me her Additude has stayed perfectly in tact over the past week. And with that attitude has been quite a few good snippets.

Like when I asked her to repeatedly not do something - jump in a puddle, grab peanuts out of the bowl, climb on the arm of couch, stomp her feet - and she did anyway triumphantly declaring I WIN!

Like when I asked her to get in bed for the umpteenth time and she slammed the door, yelling No THANKYOU I don't WANT TO. Followed soon after by a muttering of I win.

Like when when she told me she liked my beautiful blue dress and my big old butt all in the same breath.

Like when at breakfast with Grandma Patty they were discussing the color of the princesses' hair and Grandma said she had brown hair just like Belle and Addie retorted Your hair's not brown Grandma! It's gray. It's gray here and here and here...

Like when she continued to get out of bed last and her father finally threatened that all her pretty dresses were going to be Daddy and Mommy's if she got up again and she replied Boys don't wear dresses Daaaddeeee.
Or like this afternoon, when she climbed on my lap after her nap and said Gimme a hug, you're my best bud, Mama.


Kathy said...

ONE MORE TIME....the apple doesn't fall......!

Sue said...

Too funny! If she ever comments on MY big old butt, she's in trouble.

Mich said...

Samantha was never really attached to her giraffey until she saw Addie with hers - now she MUST have it and loves it more than any other of her animals. She might love it as much as she loves Addie :)