Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Somehow while my mom and Aunt were in town I managed to only take three pictures.
None of which they were in. They did my yard work, but weren't good enough for my camera.

I neglected to take pictures at our tea party at Mrs. TeaPots. I neglected to take pictures of Addison tearing through the gifts they lavished her with (yes, SillyBands have entered our lives). I didn't get one shot of her holding their hands as we walked the Levee, or sitting on a lap for story time. I didn't get a picture of her helping with yard work or walking with them as we walked our neighbor's dog.

I pretty much captured no moments, sweet or otherwise.

But I got these:
We were riding the Duckboat Tours - behind Addie you can see my Aunt's foot, proof that she visited. Yes, we armed her with a quacker. Hers broke by Friday - Monday morning she found Gramma's in the car. She was a elated, I was despondent - that thing is LOUD and OBNOXIOUS, which is funny because that can also describe Addison's mood most days.
So while I have no photographic proof of Gramma Kathy and Aunt Ruthie's visit, it did occur. We ate Skyline, Duckboated and teaparited. We sipped wine, enjoyed gin and tonics on the patio and dug into various dips. Yard work was done (six lawn and leaf bags worth) and laughter filled the house.
It was an excruciatingly brief visit, but a wonderful one.
And as we were driving home from exercise yesterday Addie said Mama? I miss my Gramma Kathy. I miss her and I love her.
Me too, kiddo.


BusyB said...

sounds like you had a great time!!! your little one SO cute : ) amazing how different off camera kids are lol!!! Mine are LOUD right now too lol!

Kathy said...

and Gramma Kathy loves all of you vewry, vewry much!!!