Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drama Queen

Today's major drama melt down was brought to me by a pair of socks, a Kroger sticker, and cousin Rylan.

I detected a little bit of attitude this morning, but it seemed to correct itself. And then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I cruelly wouldn't purchase her a box of Skittles and a princess tent. Foot stomp, pout and glare.

After a little talking to in the car it seemed all better. I am choosing to believe that when she ran into my Achilles tendons as hard as she could with her "own perfect size" shopping cart it was truly an accident.

And then we got home and Rylan came over to play. They galloped through the yard, slid on the slide, swung on the swings, climbed the fence and had a fabulous good time.

The beginning of the end was at lunch when Rylan selfishly and purposely took the Kroger sticker that was probably laying on the floor and put it on his napkin.

Shrieks followed by tears -But that was my Kroger sticker and I don't want Ry to have it. I was saving it special for Mich and Daddy and IT'S MINE.

Once the lunch drama was done came the sock drama. Tears and shrieks and screaming. Again, Rylan was all to blame because he's just so mean. How dare he think that it's okay to touch and try to wear one of Addie's 64 pairs of socks. Oh the humanity!

This followed by more bickering, a bit of pushing and hitting, tons of foot stomping and a load of theatrics from two toddlers. Rylan left to go take a nap at his grandparents' house and I ushered Addie upstairs for quiet time.

As she crawled on my lap to read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 she looks up at me and says, I love having Ry here. Can he come back tomorrow?


Kathy said...

Jlikambreeckyl??? Hyde????

Kathy said...

Who wrote that nonsense??? It's supposed to be Jeckyl???Hyde???bareph

Kathy said...

I give up!!!!

Gibby said...

What?? You didn't buy her the tent?!?

Kidding! Don't you love this age? ;)

Sue said...

Off topic: I love your book choice!