Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Tweats

Yesterday after a long fight against the nap, followed by a long nap, Addison woke up a little hungry. Lately, however, she has been uninterested with any of the food that I offer her.

Addie, do you want yogurt? No.
Would you like pb&j? No.
How about mac-n-cheese? Nooo.
Addison, do you want some cheese and lunch meat? No.
Would you like some berries or a banana? No.
How about a hot dog? Nooo.

It's getting very frustrating. This little girl used to eat anything I gave her, with, perhaps, the exception of green beans. Now, and this is mostly mine (and a little Aunt Nikki's) fault. I (and Aunt Nikki) accidentally introduced Addison to sweet treats (translate UDF milkshakes and SnoBug) and now all she wants is a tweat.

During vacation I reprogrammed her a little to think that strawberries, blueberries and watermelon are all treats. I also convinced her that raisins are treats, and pretzels, and juice.

I might have had a relapse when I shared my mint chocolate chip ice cream with her last night. And she might have whined endlessly today for a popsicle...BUT -

When she woke up from her nap today I gave her the choice between an orange and a few mini Nilla wafers. She chose the Nilla wafers, which she calls cooks.
So I put a few on her plate.

She climbed up on the bench, looked at me and said orrrangge?
So I sliced her an orange.
I put half on her plate and the rest in the fridge.
Within minutes, her orange was gone and her cooks remained.

She looked at me, smiled and said more orrangge?

Hmmm, maybe my reprogramming has work a tiny least until she sees the ice cream in the freezer.


Kate C. said...

I think you should see what happens when you introduce Addison to Graeters... Hmm...

Mich said...

pretty pics! I am with Addie - sweet tweats are the best!